طحين السمك بروتين  40-45٪ (عبوات 40 كجم) - 0.75 دولار للكغ.


طحين السمك بروتين 58-62٪ (عبوات 40 كجم) .
Price:1700 $ for 1 M/tone F.O.B any Russian port.

Fishmeal, best quality under this specification!



One of the best sources of high-grade proteins of animal origin in mixed fodders is fish meal.

One kilogram of this product contains from 10 to 14.5 MJ of metabolic energy and up to 700 g of digestible protein. The digestibility of fishmeal by animals and poultry is 90-97%, which is an order of magnitude higher than the same indicator of many plant sources of protein, including soybean meal and leguminous crops.

In addition, natural fishmeal is of great value as a source of essential amino acids and is used to balance the amino acid composition of mixed fodders. Fishmeal protein contains in a well-digestible form methionine + cystine (25-30 g / kg), lysine (45-55 g / kg), threonine and tryptophan. Natural fishmeal is also a source of calcium, phosphorus, fat, contains a complex of vitamins: group B, including B4 and B12, A, D and H.


Fish meal is of two types - it is commercial, developed on the ship in the process of fishing.

Most often, for the manufacture of such flour, fish is used that did not have time to freeze, by-catch (the fish that falls into the net along with the main one on which the extraction goes) and waste after cutting the fish, if such is conducted on the ship.


The second type of flour is shore flour, which is produced at fish washing plants located on the shore.

The most common in the feed market of the central part of Russia is fish meal produced at the enterprises of the Arkhangelsk, Murmansk trawl fleet and manufacturers of the Far East.



The quotation is valid for two weeks from its date. Fish meal: made from fresh fish raw materials (sprat, goby).

A valuable source of protein, phosphorus, calcium, as well as vitamins and amino acids.

The input rate is 2-3% for young animals, 5-6% for adults.

quickly absorbed by 95-98%. The digestibility of feed increases by 20-40%.

Does not accumulate in the body, unlike acid hydrolysates. This product is a supplement to the main ration of feed.

For sick livestock and poultry, the addition of our concentrate to the diet helps to heal quickly, bringing them back to normal.

All additives have a beneficial effect on the safety of agricultural livestock. animals, their reproductive qualities without the use of vet. drugs.

The use of additives allows you to increase profitability in the production of a unit of finished agricultural. products by enterprises by saving up to 30% of concentrated feed.

Payment; Irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight issued by a Top World Bank and available with Seller's bank only if order is 20 MT min and only on sea shipping.

Price:1700 $ for 1 M/tone F.O.B any Russian port.